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Lindsay Scribner
"Lulu Marie"

Artivism from Duncan BC

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Lulu Marie

Born in 1986 and raised in the Cowichan Valley, Lulu Marie was encouraged at a young age to master her skills in drawing and painting. Having excelled in various art courses through Vancouver Island University, Lulu took what she considered to be talent all the way to Toronto, ON , to study at Max the Mutt's Animation School. There, Lulu discovered she knew very little, as industry leading artists stripped her skills down to the bones and taught her what the Great Masters had learned. Lulu greatly credits the fine-tuning of her skills as a life drawer and painter to that one very intense year in the city.

Working predominantly in acrylic, Lulu Marie draws her inspiration from the smallest and seemingly forgotten elements of the islands beauty. Her current series is all about the Wild Salmon and was greatly influenced by friend, and local Valley activist, Shawna Green. The series itself aims to educate the community on dangers the wild salmon face, inspire change in fish farming and ignite passion in our hearts to take part.

Lulu aims to challenge the angry activist and the 'anti' protesters to stop fighting for justice. Instead, she hopes to influence a wave of 'PRO'tests focused on the positive. PRO-creation vs ANTI-destruction. "It's all perspective" says Lulu.

It has now become her life mission to focus on local issues, bringing them to life on canvas and the possibility that, after all these years, a little girls dream to save the world can still come true.

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