Doug and the Slugs Live Show CKVU - Vancouver Show 1980

First live television performance.
Oooops, I was meaning to upload this VHS decades ago and was shocked at the degradation of the physical tape which I had transferred from 3/4 in. TV studio tape. I was visiting Van. from T O and staying with friends, Tom and Sue in Kits. I received a call from Ron Mcinnis who was doing master control at CKVU telling me of the event like 2 hours before the broadcast. So in true slug fan tradition I dropped everything and headed for the CKVU studio with the required sunglasses. Great show but as we all know nothing could beat them when they were on stage and a dance floor in front of them.
I was there at a Halloween party in a basement of a house near Collingwood and 1st in Kits. where it all began for me. When they toured Toronto, it was show not to be missed, still have a few posters somewhere. Slugs, I was the guy that showed up with lots of friends to a show in Brampton with our own Doug and the Slugs T- shirts and you guys cornered and threatened a couple of us in the bathroom of the club. We explained of having no intention of selling ours only to show how loyal to the band. It seems foolish now, but it was fun at the time. Time past and of course marriage, kids, job commitment with early start took a toll on my slug fest endeavors especially during the week. Now living in the burbs there was show at the Gas Works on Yonge St. in T O. It was like a Tuesday or a Thursday and I'm thinking can I do this. It's about 6.30 pm, so I phoned the club to see how busy it was and what time the first set starts. Big deciding factors to consider before heading out. The bartender answered the phone and he said the place was empty now except for 2 people. I said wow, he said wow and the 2 people at the back were Doug's parents in from Scarborough A couple weeks later I read that Doug had passed away. I love all Slug songs but my favourite is Day by Day.
P.S. Who were/are the cheerleaders?
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