Headpins - Just One More Time (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (RESTORED)

The first single from the Headpins' 1983 sophomore album "Line of Fire", which was another multi-platinum success, and included the hits "Just One More Time" and "Feel It (Feel My Body)", resulting in the band touring Europe with Whitesnake at the beginning of 1984. The group's sole entry on the US charts, "Just One More Time", spent nine weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 70 in February 1984.

This was a tough one to restore, given the available sources. Couldn't even find a clean 480i version to work with. Ran it through deblocking and denoising to get rid of most of the compression artifacts, upscaled it to try and restore some detail and then sweetened the original to recompress the blacks. Still far better than anything else currently available out there on YouTube!

Hope you enjoy!
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Posted: Jan. 7, 2022 via artsvictoria.ca
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