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Donna Birtwistle
"Wistle's Art Studio"

Wildlife Artist from Mill Bay BC

Contact Details

Donna Birtwistle
250 743-2758

"Wistle's Art Studio"

Donna Birtwistle is a Wildlife Artist using Pastels and Water Colour Pencils and Paints. Her Mill Bay home gives the perfect location for viewing and filming sea birds and life activities near the ocean. She has recently been exploring the fascinating qualities of Pastels.  Her Art is hanging in many private collections in Brazil, Europe and Canada.

She had a wonderful experience filming a Female Bald Eagle that dove into the ocean after missing her target of a duck.  The Mate Bald Eagle was flying back and forth keeping an eye on her progress. It took over half an hour, 6 videos, with many still photos, before this story reached it’s end.

Donna has had the opportunity of traveling North America, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, as well as many countries in Europe. While seeing new places she enjoys visiting and supporting many Wildlife Sanctuaries, Raptor Centres, and Zoos. These experiences exposed her to many different animals that are not found in our environment in Canada.

Please feel welcome to come and enjoy both the garden and wall art in Donna's home and work place. She has Framed Photography, Cards, Prints, Original Art in Water Colour and Pastels.  Look forward to seeing you.

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