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This tool showcases videos of artists, and resources in, or visiting our community, and credits the people creating them in a locally based, publicly available manner.

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VALDY-The Documentary 1981
In this video: Valdy + Valdemar Horsdahl
Posted: May. 1, 2017
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1981
Merridale Sunday Pizza Nights
Posted: May. 10, 2018
Valdy Rock and Roll Song
Posted: Dec. 17, 2015 via
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1983
Special Woodstock 2011
Posted: Jul. 8, 2019
Filmed: Aug. 21, 2011
Maple Jock on Shaw TV
Posted: Oct. 7, 2015
Filmed: Sep. 22, 2015
Just the Story Video
Posted: Feb. 4, 2015
VALDY-The Documentary 1981
Posted: May. 2, 2016
Filmed: Jan. 1, 1981
Vocal Showreel Diane Pancel 2014
In this video: Diane Pancel
Posted: Nov. 12, 2014
Violin/Fiddle and Piano Lessons
In this video: Four Strings Studio
Posted: Sep. 7, 2015
Cim Award on Shaw TV
In this video: Cim MacDonald Studios
Posted: Dec. 6, 2015
The history of Blues X Five as told by Norm MacPherson
Posted: Dec. 24, 2015 via
Filmed: Sep. 18, 2008
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The region's artists are represented by 5 sub-regional arts councils with support from the CVRD Arts and Culture Division