Calling all actors! Upcoming auditions for Rope, a thriller written by Patrick Hamilton and directed by Alan Penty

Performance dates: November 6th - 23rd. Tuesdays - Saturdays including matinees.

Audition dates: Sunday, Aug 18, 7-10pm & Monday, Aug 19, 7-10 pm

Audition location: Langham Court Theatre rehearsal room. 805 Langham Court.

Audition Format: General, open auditions. Everyone will gather in the rehearsal room and have several chances to read for parts and hear others read. Readings will be from the script – sides will be available.

Brandon - 20s, arrogant, well dressed, logical, commanding presence
Grant - 20s, well dressed, shy, emotional, a writer
Miss Wilson - 50s, motherly, chatters
Kenneth - 20s, handsome, not very intellectual, athletic
Leila - 20s, clever, party girl, engaged to David
Mr Kentley - 55, stoic, thoughtful, father of David
Mrs Debenham - 53, psychic, flighty, Aunt of David
Rupert - 38, logical, philosopher, dry sense of humour, inquisitive

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